TELESENSORY Olympia Portable Colour Video Magnifier

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Pavel Marek
Pavel Marek - produktový manažer
+420 495 800 721
TELESENSORY Olympia Portable Colour Video Magnifier
For powerful portable video magnification. The Olympia system benefits from the same magnification as a desktop system but with an integrated viewing screen, compact size and battery pack, this magnifier allows for freedom on the move! The Olympia portable video magnifier allows for choice between colour, black on white or negative text viewing modes and has a wide breadth of magnification settings providing adaptability for a range of low vision needs. Alternatively, the yellow on blue option can be of value to users with dyslexia, making text more accessible. Adding to comfort, Olympia also has adjustable brightness and autofocus for ease of use as well as manual focus for personalised adaptation. Olympia is also TV compatible for even greater magnification up to 76 times bigger! Essentially users are therefore able to benefit from a desktop system anywhere with a television monitor. This is particularly useful in educational institutions where the system can be transported between classrooms and libraries as required as well as for personal use when traveling. However the integrated screen and external battery system, which is great for extended usage time, enables independence for reading and writing whilst out and about, whether reading menus, filling out forms or signing! Features: Combining powerful magnification with portability TV compatible Long-lasting battery Innovative viewing features with flexible settings Display: Colour LCD - 7inch; (17.18cm) diagonal Magnification: Standard: 4.3X, 7.8X, 13X, Max Magnification: 8.6X, 15.6X, 26X, Writing: 4.5X, 9X Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.14 kg) Power Requirements: 47-63 HZ, 90-264 VAC, 3.4A max load or 12V DC, 1.5A to 3.5A charging battery pack
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