TELESENSORY Pico Video Magnifier

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Pavel Marek
Pavel Marek - produktový manažer
+420 495 800 721
TELESENSORY Pico Video Magnifier
Pocket-size portable video magnifier. Pico, incorporating a built-in battery, is compact enough to carry in your pocket for image magnification on the move. Created for convenience, Pico portable video magnifier allows for choice between colour, black on white or negative text viewing modes adapting to a range of low vision needs. Alternatively, the yellow on blue option can be of value to users with dyslexia, making text more accessible. Adding to comfort, Pico also has adjustable brightness and autofocus for ease of use. Being lightweight and small in size, Pico is easily maneuvered in front of items in order to aid reading and writing: perfect for reading food labels, ATMs or signing. Pico is also handy in a learning environment where it can be moved between classrooms and users thereby promoting inclusivity. Features: Compact and maneuverable Integrated rechargeable battery Four viewing modes Magnification from 3X to 11X
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